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Aluminum Ceiling

Aluminum Ceiling

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The aluminum ceiling is a marketable product promoted in the 21st century, also a new favorite of the current decorative industry. The product is made by taking metal panel as the substrate through metal panel manufacture and spraying highbake, has firm and durable quality and superior processability, and doesn’t fade indoors or outdoors.
Specification: Tile ceiling (600*600MM, 350*350MM, 300*300MM), special-shaped ceiling and strap combined ceiling (c type, high; short, close and windproof, s type, G type, v type), hanger ceiling, cell ceiling, falling ceiling, combined ceiling, hooking ceiling.
Applicable scope: Airport, subway station, office building, commercial center, hotel, wineshop and other large buildings, especially bedroom, parlour, kitchen, restroom, corridor, etc.
Characteristics: After special surface treatment, it is antioxidative and not stained with dirt, and has advantages of flame retardance, dampproofness, moisturizing, heat insulation, ageing resistance, easy cleaning, no deformation, etc. The product with high strength doesn’t discolor or fade, and seems new after a long time. It is light, tough, and simple and rapid in construction by splicing method, with low service cost.
Cautions: The product cannot be washed with corrosive liquid, such as acid, alkali, and gasoline.
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