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Aluminum Composite Panels
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Aluminum Composite Panel

Aluminum Composite Panel

FOB Price:
500 Square meters
Monthly Capacity:
1250000 Square meters
Payment Terms:
L/C, T/T


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Aluminum plastic composite panel referred to as aluminum panels, and surface treatment is used as a surface coating of aluminum paint, polyethylene plastic sheeting as the core, after a series of processing composite made of new material.
Aluminum plate is the root by the German company E Luxin (ALUDINGEN) development and production of the first, post after a Dutch Airlines Fu grams (FORKEN) and Alcoa (ALOCA) improvements, 90 years later, production quality to become stable, to A high level.
Because the nature of aluminum plate is very different from the two materials (metal and non-metallic), with both retained the original composition of materials (aluminum, non-metallic polyethylene plastic) of the main features, but also overcome the deficiencies of the original group of materials , And then received a large number of excellent material properties, such as luxury nature, colorful decoration, weathering, corrosion resistance, beat up, fire, moisture, sound insulation, heat insulation, shock resistance; light weight, easy processing, easy handling Installation, can be fast and the whole construction and other features, these features open a wide aluminum plate for the use of prospects.
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