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aluminum honeycomb panels

aluminum honeycomb panels

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The aluminum honeycomb panel is a honeycomb sandwich panel made by taking high-strength alloy aluminum panel with excellent weather resistance after fluorocarbon coating treatment as face and base panels and aluminum honeycomb core in the middle through HTHP compounding, and featured by light weight, high strength, good rigidity, sound insulation and heat insulation. As an aviation and aerospace material, the aluminum honeycomb panel has been expanded to civil fields, such as construction industry, vehicles and advertisement.

Technical Parameters of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel
Specification ASTM Unit 10mm 15mm 20mm
Unit theoretical weight   kg/m 5.4 5.6 5.75
Tensile strength E8  N/mm 806 598 455
Endurance E8  N/mm 531 405 279
Elongation E8  1.2 1.4 1.7
Flexible rigidity C393 X106n.mm2 8.03 15.4 38.44
Elasticity of bending   N/mm2 50000 40600 38.44
Temperature elongation factor D696   0.24 0.24 0.24
Thermal conductivity D976 X10-6n℃ 0.23 0.19 0.15
Heat deflection temperature D648 200 200 200
Bonding strength C297 N/mm2 12 12 12
Panel planeness Maximum deviation: 1mm/M
Flame retardant property Nonflammable, accord with relevant fire rating standards
Sound insulation 0-3dB, depend on panel installation angle
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